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I’m conscious that there has been some time since the last Vestry update. Many of the items that have been discussed have been shared with everyone—the discussion on same sex marriage in the church building, the progress with the project to repair the tower and to improve the lighting in church—but there are other matters

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  Vestry update – April 2016   A fuller Vestry update will appear in due course, but here are some items from the last Vestry meeting, which may be of interest. The new photocopier has arrived, to replace the former (second hand) one, which had provided a number of years of faithful service.  Farewell, Panasonic

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Vestry 2014 to 2015

This might be a bit like one of those Christmas letters you get, which start, ‘I can’t believe it’ a whole year, since…’. But it was March of last year, when I last did one of these slots (‘could do better’, as my school reports used to say, ‘and be more regular’ as Matron used

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