Welcome to the website of St John’s church. We are a congregation of the Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway, one of the seven dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church, which is itself a province of the world-wide Anglican Communion made up of over 70 million Christians throughout the world. St John’s is a Local Ecumenical Partnership between the Scottish Episcopal & Methodist Churches.

Roughly once a month, the Methodist Order for Holy Communion is used at the 11am service. We also observe Aldersgate Sunday each May and the Methodist Covenant Service is held on the Sunday of our AGM in September.

We are very conscious of being a real mix of people and tastes – young and old, traditional and contemporary – who are bound together by our common experience of being inspired and challenged by the Christian journey through life. Our church community has worshipped together every Sunday in Dumfries for about 400 years, and as we treasure and celebrate the great tradition of this heritage, we are also constantly working to find new ways to express and explore our faith and all that it might mean for how we live our lives today.

As well as being used by a wide range of groups, St John’s is open to visitors every day of the week, and many people find that it is place of beauty and stillness in the noise and rush of everyday life. There are a number of services during the week, and requests for prayer can be left at any time.