Rev. Chris Wren

Evolving Resurrection


It is hard to say what death is like

While still in breathing skin.

Daylight fades or suddenly


And the unknown mystery

Of life

Springs up from the abyss of the soul and

Becomes a Final, Fullness, Eternal.

The whole universe carries within

Is now brought to completion in

The Act of Death.

The Last breath is now the First Act

Of real freedom.

The source of life is now

The goal of life;

All relationships are gathered up

In a moment of profound reverie.

The Me forming through

Life’s loves and struggles

Is now revealed and permanently

Sealed on the heart of You —

For better or worse

Richer or poorer,

My “life” is now permanently entangled

With your life,

And the life of the whole.

In death my heart ceases but

My life continues in a glorious way

The way of Divine Love;

The process of my becoming spirals on.

I now join in the Great Work of Love

Living beyond the bounds of space-time

Permanently sealed on the heart of God

Whose only work is ”loving the world”;

And in this work

I shall endure


Found in ‘The hours of the universe’ by Ilia Delio p 217&8.


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