Table – a participatory resource for pioneers

You may recall that I was keen to offer materials that would help you to host pioneer-related discussions within your church and community, and that Dave Male’s How To Pioneer (Even If You Haven’t A Clue) book and study guide was my recommended go-to resource for that purpose. I have recently become aware of a new resource called Table, which I think will be very useful. Produced by Paul Bradbury (he of the Pioneering Mission is a Spectrum paper that you read during the course <Pioneer Ministry course v1.0 – ed>), it is designed for use by small groups sitting around a table and having discussions over a meal. There are both physical and electronic versions available soon, and the physical version includes 5 beautifully-designed A0 table cloths that are designed to be drawn on, chatted over, debated and discussed while eating and drinking, and then kept as a record of those conversations as you move forward. More information available at

I have bought a pre-publication copy of the electronic version and have been through the facilitation process with Paul, and am able to offer a free one-hour introductory session using Zoom and an interactive online whiteboard called Miro. This is for anyone who would like to know more about the resource and explore its use before deciding whether to buy a copy themselves. The physical/real-world version is the primary one, I think, but the electronic version has its uses (because Covid) and it will allow you to get an experience of the resource before committing to buying it (it’s not cheap – £50 for the electronic version and £75 for the physical one).

I have set up a Doodle poll at (with yes/no/if-need-be options) to identify a suitable date for this introductory session. I am happy to run it more than once if no one date suits everyone. Again, please reply by Monday 29th March at the latest.

Rev Dr Richard Tiplady, Director of Mixed Mode Training

Scottish Episcopal Institute