St John’s Diary & Notices: w/c Sunday, 15/08/2021

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Today, Sunday, 15/08/2021
Pentecost 12

Any time: Service online

11.00am: Family Eucharist [Methodist Order]

Church. Please book (07572 006290) if possible

12.45pm: Coffee after service

Zoom. Contact 07487 653069 for joining details

Tuesday, 17/08/2021

Meditation (on website after 5pm)

2pm-4pm: Church open for Private Prayer & Reflection

Church. No need to book

Wednesday, 18/08/2021

10.30am: 1970 Eucharist

Church. Please book (07572 006290) if possible

Friday, 20/08/2021

10am-12noon: Church open for Private prayer & Reflection

Church. No need to book

Sunday, 22/08/2021
Pentecost 13

Any time: Service online

11.00am: Family Eucharist

Church. Please book (07572 006290) if possible

12.45pm: Coffee after service

Zoom. Contact 07487 653069 for joining details

And, as always, if you need us, you can contact

Don’t have internet, email or a suitable device to access them? Not sure how it all works or how it might benefit you? We may be able to help via a Scottish Government scheme. Speak to David Kerr/the Church Office (07754 596140) to find out more

Bookings, distancing etc
Following the suspension, by the Scottish Government, of both the 2 metre, and 1 metre distancing rule, we can now return to something a bit more like normal within the church. Different members of our Congregation, however, will be more, or less, comfortable with this, depending on their own views of threat, vulnerability etc. For that reason, we will not be resuming our former practice of sharing the Peace, at least for the time being, and please also bear in mind that some may be more nervous than you are, so please be sensitive about how close you get others.

We will also be continuing with the sanitising (we may find ourselves doing this in perpetuity) and (we hope, not in perpetuity) wearing masks.

We are also expected, for the time being, to continue to record who comes in to the church, so, for that reason, please continue to phone 07572 006290 to book, Sunday by Sunday (and Wednesday by Wednesday). Whilst you can turn up without having booked, it makes the check in process much faster if we can just tick your name, rather than having to write it down. Also: to facilitate production of the bookings list, it would be helpful if you could book before about 4pm on a Friday. You won’t be turned away if you try to book after that time, but it’s easier if you can do it before then.

Going forward in September and October we are planning to resume some church activities like choir rehearsals, Mothers’ Union, quiz evenings, indoor bowling, nursery mornings etc, so please keep an eye on the notices for the start dates and additional details.

Regarding Church Services (subject to whatever guidelines are in place at the time)

1st Sunday of the month will be Holy Communion at 8am beginning in October, Sunday 3rd October.

Every Sunday there will be at 11:00am a Sung Eucharist (the high altar hopefully will be used again in October when we hope the choir will be back, but also to accommodate the preferences of all, as a church for everyone, the nave altar will be used at some point in our services every month.) There will also be an online service every Sunday.

Tuesday Evening Eucharist at 6:30pm will resume in September

Saints’ Days will resume in September (subject to personnel availability) at 6:30pm Monday to Thursday and Friday and Saturday at 5pm.

Meditation will resume in the Meeting Room at 5:45pm and we will continue with the online meditation as well.

Wednesday Morning Eucharist is at 10:30am every Wednesday

Romanian Orthodox Service is the first Saturday of the month, the next one is Saturday 4th September at 10:15am

Choral Evensong will resume on Sunday 3rd October at 6pm, and thereafter the first Sunday of the month

Evensong will resume on Sunday 17th October at 6pm and thereafter on the third Sunday of the month.

All Age Worship will be replaced by a Contemporary Service beginning on 10th October at 6pm. The Contemporary Service will meet therefater on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

Godly Play will resume in September in the church hall on the first and third Sundays of the month and on the second and fourth Sundays activity bags will be made for children who may attend the 11.00 am Eucharistic Service.

Prayer Meeting will be on Thursday 7th October at 7:30pm in the Rectory. Thereafter every first Thursday of the month. The prayer meeting will sometimes be face to face and at other times on zoom.

Bible Discussion Group will be on Thursday 28th October at 7pm. Thereafter it will be on the fourth Thursday of the month, sometimes face to face and at other times via Zoom. In October we will meet in the Rectory.

In September we would like to resume tea and coffee after Sunday morning worship, but at present we do not have enough helpers, so please if you can help let Jenny Lawson or David Kerr know.