Creative spirituality is one of the many aspects of Simon’s partnership with St John’s Church. For over ten years, Simon has been involved with creative spirituality within and beyond the walls of St John’s. His role has many facets, but the three key areas are

Time has come to look afresh at the role and see what is right for now and for going forward. To that end the Vestry agreed that Simon would take a three months’ sabbatical to reflect on these past ten years and to bring a discussion paper based on his work for three months to the Vestry. The sabbatical began just after Easter, and during these months the Vestry will take time to consider and reflect on what would be right for St John’s in the future.

We wish Simon every blessing in his sabbatical. We are grateful to him for all the great work thus far accomplished, and also for his willingness to maintain a link with the High School during his sabbatical and for helping with the website as a volunteer.