Outreach to Buldhana, India

The time for outreach to Buldhana had arrived and on the 11th of November I set off from Dumfries and arrived in Mumbai around 19:30 the next day. I met up with the rest of the team in Mumbai and flew 40 minutes inland to Aurangabad, from here it was a three hour car journey to our destination of Buldhana.

Buldhana is a large town on the top of a hill surrounded by bush inhabited by bears and tigers. The town has many hospitals run by both the state and private individuals and we planned be working in these hospitals as well as providing mobile primary health clinics in the surrounding villages. We planned to be undertaking this work in partnership with community-based health project (CBHP) which is a voluntary organisation that has been providing and teaching community-based care in the local villages for the last eight years.