Wise support for ‘blameless’ groups

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the terrible loss of life, the injuries and the climate of fear they have generated across the world, Robin, our Rector, wrote the following as his contribution for ‘Thought for Today’ in the Wednesday 18th November edition of the Dumfries Standard newspaper.

Robin is a regular contributor to this Wednesday column.

‘A bible reading (which had already been set) for the weekend’s services in St John’s, following the gun        and bomb attacks in Paris, were remarkably relevant to the situation. It was from Mark’s Gospel chapter 13   v.1-8 and Jesus was advising his disciples in a context which had many similarities. It was a time of  insurrection; people were being recruited by zealots to join in a war.  Jesus’ strong word of caution was ‘Beware that no- one leads you astray. Then, as now, a big problem is the ease with such zealots can whip up such a degree of hatred of the other that men and women are led to carry out atrocities. A heartening response to the   situation in Paris is not only the sympathy and active support offered to those who have suffered  directly but also that support and understanding has been extended to groups who may be                     unjustly blamed. As Scottish Inter-Faith Week approaches next week, I hope it will enable  communication of such wisdom.’

Robin Paisley