December, 2021

Canon 35 Application

As you may know, the Province was offering Covid Recovery Grants to charges throughout Scotland, upon application. Up to £5,000 per charge applying was initially promised, and could be spent only on a limited range of capital-type projects; not,. For example, to cover running costs.. In the end, the fund was so over-subscribed, the grants were abated by about 20%, taking various factors into consideration. St John’s successfully obtained a grant for £4,000, based on the application we made.

Amongst the items we applied for (including better moveable projection screens and new radio mikes), we applied for funding for a better Wi-Fi system and for the equipment to install an electronic noticeboard. We were picked up on the latter point by the previous Bishop during MAP1, who urged us to ‘get on with it…’). The new Wi-Fi will ensure there is a good Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire St J’s site. It will better enable us to stream services, or parts of them, either into the Hall, or further afield, either to enhance what we already do, and make it more available to those who can’t get here, which may include all of us, should we find ourselves some day in another lockdown. Better Wi-Fi that reaches the boilerhouse will enable us to have better, more flexible boiler controls, making the heating more efficient.

For these two things, the electronic noticeboard and the Wi-Fi installation, we need Canon 35 permission from the Diocese; effectively ecclesiastical planning permission; and, to get that, it has to be demonstrated that the Congregation has been consulted about it. There’s more detail below and available from David Kerr, but, essentially, we’re looking for permission to drill some holes through walls to route cables, mostly in walls of the meeting room and Hall, and to mount some small units at height; one somewhere near the Meeting Room door from the church, one in the Meeting Room itself, another by the swing doors in the Hall, and another outside by the back gate. The units would be similar in size and unobtrusiveness to those already in use in the church to pick up the signal from the radio mikes. The electronic noticeboard, as discussed way back in 2012, would be either or both of a securely mounted screen, high up on a bracket in the main entrance porch and/or another, at lower level, on some kind of table or trolley (but secured) at the back of the church. Any screen in the church would be switched off during services and would, in any case, be silent.

Questions, comments: please speak to me. (07754 596140 /

David Kerr

[Here’s the detail from the suppliers]…

We believe there will be 4 instances of Drilling needed for this installation.

2 internal and 2 external.

  1. Firstly we will need to take 2 external cables back out of your office via the same hole that Openreach made when bringing the broadband service in.
  2. The second drill hole will be to route one of the external cables into the Church hall building near to the main door leading onto the car park.
  3. The third hole is an internal one to route the cable into the Church hall via the entrance corridor. A WiFi Access base will be mounted above the swing doors leading into the main hall
  4. The second external cable will run across the flat roof area running between church and church hall up to the walk way between the sacristy and Kitchen. A WiFi access base will be externally mounted at height on the wall with gate below.
  5. The fourth hole is to route an internal cable from your office out into the main church. A WiFi Access base will be mounted at height on the wall above the internal door into your office. 

The cables are necessary to provide power and data to these Access bases. All cable will connect to a small 5 port POE switch located near the router in your office.


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