Buldana update

The internet has been down here for the last 48 hours so there is a bit to reflect on.

Since I last wrote we have offered more medical clinics in the church in   Manubai and yesterday we offered up the afternoon for healing prayer.

We started the afternoon with some enjoyable praise and prayer led by Pr Manoj who usually leads a church in the red light district of Pune a city about ten hours drive away. Then we had two prayer stations and we were praying for three hours solid. Several people reported that they had been healed and many felt peace and a relief from their symptoms.

Today we drove to another village where there is great hunger for Jesus and The Gospel and where we did house calls praying for the families in each house as they requested. The village called Mira has a great scenes of peace and joy about it and we were accompanied by many happy children and drank far too much sweet tea generously provided by our hosts.

Before all of this we had a very enjoyable Sunday service with the local church here in Buldana. The church is simple with plastic garden chairs in the place of pews and everything functioned well and we were warmly welcomed. The church was also very kind regarding the song we had been asked to prepare and sing in Marathi, the local language. After lunch we spent some time in the local Sunday market which was incredible really for the sheer number of people in such a small space.

The photos are largely self explanatory but if you have any questions I’ll be back on Sunday so do ask me then.


Getting ready for church

Prayer ministry for healing

Truck stop

House visits Mera village

Selfie, selfie!!

Let’s make the British guy wear the hat!